Monday, March 14, 2011

Nobody's guy

Having trouble getting things to work just about everywhere in my life. I tried to do taxes over the weekend and got stuck. Since I bought a new home I have lots of deductions but no idea which ones are allowed. I'll get if figured out eventually.
Saturday night I was being a real shut in. Then the phone rings and I see it's Janet calling. She must have thought I'd be out because when I picked up I could hear crown noises and then she hung up. Then within 10 minutes she sent me a text asking if we could talk on Sunday. I said sure. Well, it never happened. She obviously really doesn't want to hear what I have to say.
I didn't so much other than that over the weekend. Had dinner at my sister's twice and maybe going there again for St Pat's Day. No calls or text messages from Coleen. I'm not even sad about that. I need space from her anyway. Maybe now I can just let her go. Or rather she will let me go. Been there before and hasn't worked but this time it feels different. I'd been wanting to have all the bitch non-girlfriend girls go so I'm coping. Made my own bed.

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Cindy said...

Well maybe this is a much needed turning point?? I can't help thinking that this was all going to happen eventually, sorry I know that doesn't make anything better, but over the past few months it did sound like you were on a collision course. I do hope things get better and I think they will, I think... probably things will be different though.