Monday, August 8, 2011

More of the same?

Has it really been a week already? I don't know why but I have been procrastinating everything lately. I must be regressing because I found myself out to dinner with Coleen last week. Out of no where she called and wanted to go to our favorite Indian restaurant. I am still very much infatuated by her even if I now no longer feel like she is ever going to see me in a sexual way. I was feeling a like Carolyn and I are stuck in neutral so I accepted her invite and it was a nice night out even if I can't really afford it right now.
The original plan was to go out on Tuesday but it got changed to Thursday. I wasn't considering Wednesday because for the last month I'd been getting together with Carolyn on Wednesday and I wanted to leave myself the opportunity. But Carolyn never got in touch with me and since it was raining I kind of figured being outside wasn't a good plan. But I went down to the boat anyway and Carolyn was there. We kind of had an odd moment where I just made excuses about the rain. She was fine but still she seems to have expectations. So I told her I'd talk to her later in the week.
The dinner with Coleen was okay. She wanted to know all about Carolyn. I kind of told her that things are just doing boat things and not romantic although I do see possibilities. She said she was very happy for me which just confuses the hell out of me. She got a little mad when I must have said something about her and Carolyn as she said I should not compare the two of them. To be honest I don't think I would. But like always she came back around and we had an enjoyable dinner. I drove the car home even though it was her car and the whole way home she kept trying to find songs that I would sing the words to. I guess she likes it when I sing in the car. I've missed those kind of things.
Friday at the end of the day I sent an email to Carolyn just to see if there would be any response. She was sending me back one word replies so I just figured she was wrapped up in some situation and didn't seem to want to commit to anything after work. I was also assuming she had plans with someone else. I mean she is so attractive I have to think she gets propositioned all the time. So it was a big surprise when at 7 o'clock my phone rang and she was calling to see if I'd come out. She was at a restaurant bar near where I used to live so I knew where she was. I am so easy. I was in my car on my way to her within 5 minutes. I got there and she was surrounded by 2 waiters and the bartender. It was a restaurant bar so no one else was there. Eventually the "staff" went to work and I had her to myself. We drank a bottle of wine and then I went with her to the grocery store. How we ended up doing that I'm not even really sure.
We made a plan for Saturday night but at 6 PM she called and cancelled leaving me pretty much high and dry. I ended up staying in the house and making an early night. I didn't even have a drink. By Sunday I was feeling a little lonely and sorry for myself. I amused myself by playing computer baseball.
The weather on Sunday was forecast to be cloudy with rain all day. But at 11 o'clock I saw sunshine and was shocked that it stayed that way. I wish I had taken the boat out but I wasn't going down there without any plan. Then at a little past 12 I got a text message from Coleen. I tried to see if she would go to the beach. She said she would meet me at the bar which I thought meant we would go to the beach from there. But what she really wanted was to grab some food there and hang out. That was my best offer all weekend so I met her there. While there Carolyn called me. How do I go from nothing on Saturday and then on Sunday I double down? I ended up taking Carolyn and her son Wayne out to dinner. And I am tentatively having dinner there tonight.
I figure if we keep making plans there has to be something going on. At least I can't say I'm lonely. Is this different or more of the same?

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