Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So what else is new

Last night I decided to send a text to Coleen just to see what would happen. Of course she messaged back . The short version is we had dinner together for the first time since March. How we got there was confusing to me. Trouble with text message exchanges are how you can tell what someone is really thinking when they ask a question. When Coleen asks "Are you hungry?" and I responded "going for Chinese food in 10 minutes", it wasn't necessarily my expectation that she would meet me there. So when she said she was there waiting and it was 20 minutes later I had to hustle to get there.
It was a fun, casual "we are just friends" dinner. She told me all about her problem with the BF Tommy, which apparently is all cleared up. Seems someone thought they saw her car early in the morning coming from somewhere toward home. She said it wasn't her and I was not questioning that. I hace my doubts abd it may or may not be true but I was just there to listen. Then she asked me about Doreen. I can only guess how she heard about that. But I told her the story about how she had put in Facebook that she was going to Atlantic City with her (ex?) BF. Coleen said she was sorry and seemed sincere. I almost wished she wasn't sincere. Really wasn't looking for sympathy.
So that was my night. Coleen is off from work this week and is planning to spend the rest of her time with the BF so I told her I'd see her around. It was starting to feel like she had lost my number so it was good to just reconnect. The thing was more just me being a little distant. I guess with the holiday weekend coming up I needed to know I still have people around.

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Cindy said...

Wow!! You've had a crazy few weeks by the sounds of it. I hope during the summer everything will be better and things will fall into place! I have been busy with work which is now 3rd shift and buying a new house, pretty exciting and so much to do! Just don't give up. I do believe that the 'right one' will show up when you aren't even looking!