Friday, May 20, 2011

It's still just me

While my days have been relatively stress free they are also fairly uneventful. I've been staying home a lot and not really missing much. I have my sister's 50th birthday celebration to go to on Sunday. My mom is flying in from Florida tomorrow and I have the task of picking her up at the airport. I also am launching my boat in the afternoon tomorrow so it will be a full day. The forecast is positive so I can look forward to getting it all completed. I can't wait.
Not much else to report. I've been going to the gym more and the bar less and with that much less opportunity to get into any trouble. There was a moment that occurred last Sunday though.
I was in the bar saying hello to some friends and wasn't planning on a long stay. I saw this girl I'd never seen before walk in and sit at the bar all alone. It was near my friend Bruce so I figured I would talk to him ad see what's what. When I spoke to Bruce she immediately engaged us in conversation. Well, than was the opening I had been looking for and I then sat and talked to Lilly for over an hour. I will say she was a little exotic looking as she was from Peru. She was not from the area but had once dated someone who was. We pretty much kept our conversation to that. She was very attractive which made me wonder what I was expecting to accomplish. I was looking for a chance to see if I could get her out of there, but it was not to be. I needed to use the bathroom and while I was there she must have gotten a phone call or made one. She hadn't left because her sunglasses and drink were still on the bar but after she never came back after 45 minutes or so I figured I should call it a night. She was still outside on the phone when i left. Clearly she had issues that were not for me. It was still good to try to connect with someone new for the 2nd time in just a few weeks. I need to keep trying.

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