Monday, May 23, 2011

Busy weekend.

Another weekend has come and gone. I got all the things done that I'd planned and then some. The sailboat has been launched and although I am a long way from being ready to sail, it's a good start to the summer. Saturday started with me picking my mom up at the airport. It was a visit to surprise my sister on her 50th birthday. I was remiss in not getting my camera out but I have gotten such negative feedback from the pictures I take I have taken to leaving the camera home.
Okay, let's start from Friday night. I started things off by going to my sister's for some pizza and my be a trip to Costco for party supplies my sister wanted to get. After the pizza she said she really didn't need anything so we never went to Costco. So from there I went to the bar. It was already well past 7 so I wasn't sure who I might still see up there. I walk in and immediately see Coleen with her Tommy and friend Barbara. Coleen must have been there a while because she looked a little pie-eyed. She wanted to talk to me but I wasn't very interested. It has been a while since we had spoken and it feels a little like she had lost my number so I kind of said "See ya later" and moved on down to the other side of the bar. After a minute or 2 she came down to where I was and was saying if I needed a ride to get the boat the next day I should call her. I knew she had dinner plans with Tommy so I said I had it covered. I didn't but I knew I wasn't asking her for any favors. With that she was out the door and the last thing she did was make the hand gesture with her pinkie and thumb that says call me. Bye-bye.
I made it an early night and was ready to pick up mom on Saturday then get the boat into the water. It was a blue sky and not much wind so I managed to get the sails ready and prepped the boat for the water in about 3 hours. I had the boat into the water and I was into my slip in the marina by about 4:30. Not real problems. That has not always been the case so it was a good day all around.
After getting everything all set up I managed to get a ride to my car and home to shower and change. It worked out that I was in the bar to see the Preakness go off but i got there too late to enter the pool. It was just as well since I never win those things anyway. To my surprise I saw Coleen come in alone just as the race started. I asked her what happened to dinner. She said it had been cancelled by Tommy and gave me some lame story about his family not able to get together, but later I over heard there is trouble in paradise. I long ago decided I didn't want to listen to all her crap so I was glad to be left out of the loop as far as that goes, but apparently she was accused by Tommy of cheating on him. I didn't get any more detail than that mostly because i didn't want them but in my mind I would say it's very possible. My guess is she shacked up with Dean a few more times, although I have no way of knowing it that's what is true. I barely spoke to her and Coleen only stayed for a minute or two. This is how my twisted mind works, I had to fight the urge to ask her to have dinner with me. She said good night and I let her leave without asking, thank God. I said I would call her later but I never did.
Sunday was my sister's birthday party. My morning started at the gym where I met Lisa. I didn't do much of a workout but at least I got there. Afterwards Lisa and I went to the garden center where I got a potted plant for my sister. I also bought a few other things for my front yard. It's nice to have some color out front.
The party started at three but I got there 30 minutes late and things were in full swing. My sister hired a band and I ended up dancing a lot. There were a lot of my sister's friends there including Cindy, who I'd had one disastrous date with a long time ago. We chatted a bit but I really can't imagine going there again. There was no action at the party but I did have a lot of fun. I wish I could remember all the people I spoke to but everything went by so fast.

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