Monday, May 9, 2011

Repeating History - learning nothing.

I don't know whether to be mad or just disgusted. I had asked Doreen if she would like to have another date with me for Friday. She kind of just pushed it off to where she said she needed to get back to me on it and then never did. So Friday night I just stayed in. I knew I was going to a wedding on Saturday so I just figured no sense in over doing it. So I go online just for the hell of it and I see a comment on Doreen's facebook that she is planning to spend the weekend in AC with her ex-bf. My reaction is "ba-bye Doreen". We really only had one date so I'm not all heartbroken but still... wtf is with women? Did she not know I would see it? Perhaps that was her plan to let me down easy? Well - no problem.
The wedding was fun. I've been staying away from the girls, specifically Roberta so there was a little tension. I guess we both knew it was not the time or place so we both let the past be in the past and I know I had a good time. I danced with Roberta, Jami and pretty much anyone else who wanted to. Janet saved the last dance for me and I ended the night taking her to a have a drink with some of the 20-somethings that were at the wedding. I was exhausted by the time I dropped Janet off at her house. I still don't know how I ended up taking her home. That was not on my agenda and I am feeling very odd about it.
How come I can see just how to know that I can make a pass at Doreen but with Janet I can't make a move. Her body language just doesn't feel like she has that interest, and yet there I am at 1 o'clock sipping a glass if wine on Janet's couch wondering if there is something I missed. What I mean is she never gets close enough for me to touch, let alone kiss. It has to be that I need to find something new. I hate being attracted to a girl who is a friend. I wanted to call Janet yesterday but somehow didn't. Was that a mistake? I doubt it. I've been there before and need to not go back.

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