Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's next.

My birthday is coming up and I'll be another year older come Monday. Nothing really to get excited about but I will take a few days off from work and relax. We are coming to the end of summer and I've not been able to take even a single day off since I moved.

I had a short chat with Coleen yesterday ... she called me. Nothing much there. She has been struggling with pain from a root canal she had done a week ago. Seems she has an infection. She wants me to call her after work today but I'm meeting Janet so I can't see her no matter what she says. I still may call her though.

Yes, I'll be seeing Janet for dinner. I'm planning to BBQ a steak on the boat and she says she would join me. I'm taking Friday off so I can let loose a little. Maybe we can plan something for the weekend.

Friday I'll be joining my brother Barry while he moves his boat back to his South Shore slip. It will be an all day event and I am looking forward to a nice day on the water.

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