Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Strange Days Indeed

I had dinner with Coleen last night. I asked her to have dinner at an Indian restaurant we both like. I had seen her all too briefly on Sunday and used that opportunity to ask and she said maybe. So I reached out to her after work and she agreed to pick me up right from the train.

I don't really understand the compulsion I have to spend time with her. It breaks my heart every time I say good-bye without saying how much I like her. But our conversations are always easy and light and I never want to break the mood by making things serious. I know what the answers will be and I'd rather enjoy her company with things as they are. I've already found out what it's like not having her around and I end up missing her terribly. It's better to have her friendship than not.

I was out and about over the weekend and did other things. Saturday I was at the beach late with Janet and others. It was okay but for the most part I was bored. I would have been much happier out on the boat ... which is what I did on Sunday.

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Cindy said...

Well, look at the up-side; you have a (for the most part) great circle of friends, including Colleen. You've got a great family, beautiful boat and new home. Maybe you should just branch out a bit. They say there is someone for everyone, I think you just have not found her yet. I know online dating can be a little 'iffy' but maybe that's worth a try. I have two close friends that met their husbands on Yahoo dating and one of them ended up marrying a guy that we all knew and had gone to school with! I guess I'm thinking that if you and Colleen were the right fit and really have a lot in common then you would have already gravitated toward each other?? Just seems like you know it isn't happening, but you can't really believe it. I'd look elsewhere.