Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Rocking into Wednesday. Can't say it's one of the better weeks I've had but at least it's not a bad week. Dropped in on Janet last evening to borrow a lobster pot that my brother Barry wants to use. We ended up watching TV for an hour or so. It was a quiet evening.

I need to see Lisa one night this week to give her a CD with some pictures we took over the weekend. Part of me wants to insist she come to me for them but I guess I will get around to it either tonight or tomorrow night. Her last email mentioned how she has been having a hard time with C - her boyfriend. She said she hasn't been available ... don't know if she meant with me or C. I am not really worrying about it either. I'm not nearly as attached to her as I once was.

I am trying not to be lonely but I still struggle. Not being able to drink has been keeping me from going out to the bar like I used to. So I am not out as much. The good thing is I don't spend the money like i once did. The bad thing is I miss the daily interaction. I'm doing my best to find me way in this new world. I am surrounded with change. New home, new neighborhood, new stores, and yet it's the old places and things I had growing up. Everything is now only minutes away.

I will adjust but I really fear the unknown.

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