Friday, April 23, 2010

It's all good

It's been a week since I've last even looked at this. I was all worried last week over nothing. Just a little meltdown. No serious repercussions. My late night phone exchange ended up being something we laughed about. Since then I've been consumed with moving preparations and pushing my mortgage documents through. I am all approved and now must have a meeting with the co-op board, which I expect will just be a short hello and approval. Then I deal with the closing and all that money changing hands. And then I can actually move. My biggest concern is how this will effect my cat, Tigger. He gets to use the backyard where I am now and he likes going in and out several times a day. This is probably not possible in the new apartment. One of us will need to deal with that. We will see.

I've shut down the running in the hopes that my sore hip and leg get better. It's starting to look like it may be something I will have to get used to. I'm planning to run at the gym this weekend so we will see how that goes.

Not sure what the rest of my weekend will be. No one is making plans with me so I may be on my own. I have plenty to do.

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