Monday, April 12, 2010

Optimism abounds.

Lots of stuff going on this past weekend. Coleen has begun to reach out to me on a regular basis. It was a fun weekend and I feel good about things. I guess she was mostly just bored but I took advantage of the opportunity to spend Saturday evening out to dinner with her. I think she must had fun since she called me again on Sunday and had a drink. She seemed like she was being very flirty mostly with anyone else and not me. No sexual tension there. I still can't seem to make my mind look at her as a friend even though she insists that is all we can be.

Still waiting for mortgage to come through. Rates are still holding steady. No much point in getting worked up over it. I got a lot of things pushed out my door to the trash. Most of it never made it past the middle of the day as someone picked through it all and took anything electrical.

I'm feeling very optimistic right now. I find myself looking forward to each day.

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