Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's another new year. Good bye 2009 and hello 2010. Above if you can see it is a picture of Janet and myself. We have been friends so long I can't ever see that we can ever be more than that. I guess that is how my life will stay.

I can finally say I am able to do what ever I want financially. I am happy to be in that place but feeling more than a little frustrated becuase I am still not able to get close to anyone. It has me considering asking people I know to try and fix me up with someone new. Obviously of the people I am around day to day there are no possibilities. Last summer I has a fix up that didn't go anywhere mostly because I just wasn't serious about it. I told myself it was because I still needed to get out of debt. Whether that's true of not doesn't matter.

I need to find a new groove. A better place to go. More gym and less bar. Less talk and more action. It's a new year. Maybe I can find something good to add.

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Connie said...

The best marriages,the people were good friends first.If people get together because they are just attracted to each other,more times than not that wears off..Maybe you should ask her if she'd like to be more than friends..she may be waiting to hear you say it...