Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Has it been a week already? Not much has been worth blogging about. We had a big snowstorm on Monday. More than a foot so I stayed home from work. So I'm here alone even more secluded than normal. I did call Coleen for her birthday. She was at Mark's. So I assume their on again off again relationship has heated up again. I'm so glad I've managed to put some distance between us.

But now I've this void. I'm feeling a loss although I really had nothing that I lost. Maybe just a little hope. Or a loss of optimism.
On Friday night we went to the Sea Cliff Barcrawl. Wasn't very exciting. Couldn't wait to get done with it. I took a few pictures for a change. None of them were any good. I'm about to give up taking pictures with my friends. They just don't like them.
Saturday afternoon Lisa came by and we enjoyed a little wine and just relaxed and talked. This was my best part of the weekend. I do miss seeing her as often as I used to. We had planned to have dinner but she had made plans that she forgot about. So I enjoyed her for a little while abd then spent the rest of my weekend watching tv. Such a blah weekend.


Krissy said...

My friends don't like me taking photos of them either :( sometimes I try and sneak some in and they catch me lol and get all mad. If they get mad about it I wont post them. I think that's why I don't have many posted. Shoot It's been a long time since I have posted any of my friends on here. The snow here is slowing melting away thank God! We might get some more later on. Who knows...

Krissy said...

Hope your doing good :) Stopping by just to say hi