Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sorting things out

I'm sure I've about lost any and all my interested readers. At this point even I find it difficult to stay tuned to what has become a broken record. Still, it's my life and it is the only one I've got so may as well make the best of it.

About 2 weeks ago I decided I wanted to feel better about who I am and how I live. My focus became how my living room is so out of date. Everywhere I looked was clutter. My entertainment unit was old and sagging in the middle. I had CD's laying about with no where to put them. My couches are just chairs with an assortment of blankets atop them. I wanted to make my place presentable. Give myself someplace I could feel good about. So I've been going to Ikea and other stores looking for ideas.

So out went the TV unit. I got myself a shelf system called IVAR and have begun to make changes bit by bit. The thing I like about Ikea is their stuff is modular. I can start with one piece and build on it. Next I want to do something with the couches. I can't really afford new ones but I've been looking at slipcovers. Seems my couches are fairly standard sized love seats. At first I looked online and found some interesting ideas there but then I went to a discount chain and found one marked down to $15. When I got to the register it actually rang up for just $5. "Woohoo" I thought. My luck didn't last long though as when I got home I found it to be for a much smaller chair than I have. But I still think it's a good plan. Probably going to cost about $30 to $40 a chair.

In other news, I had a nice dinner last Saturday with the girls at Roberta's house. Actually was there real late. A bunch of us are making plans for the summer to take some trips on the boat. Some of that was fueled by too much wine, but it would be nice if I could do more on the boat this year. Still at least 10 weeks away from launch.

I got a call from Coleen as I was riding home from work on the train. At first I put the ringer on silent and put the phone away. But it was eating away at me so when I got off the train I listened to her message and called her back. She was with Mark so we didn't talk long. She wanted to make a plan for going out for Indian food, but I refused to make a plan. It was a short conversation and I'm so sick of how flighty she can be. I'm sure her call was more about getting attention from Mark than about how I am. I'm letting go more and more.

Of course I am a little less hopeful because of this. I guess I had been obsessing for so long I still don't know how to be anything else. Which is why I am trying to get my home looking better. Gives me something else to focus or obsess on.


Krissy said...

I'm not getting tired of reading your blog.. I don't keep up with much blogs then I should. If you want more readers you gotta stop by theres and so on.. lol At first I really didn't care who or if anyone reads them but in a way I like to have some kind of feed back or someone to talk to and have meet a few people that I talk to now online. You prolly getting tired of tho lol heh....

Krissy said...

of me tho* I really can't type lol typos again!