Sunday, February 15, 2009

What's going on

It's still winter... endless winter. I've been spending a lot of time indoors alone. Mostly by choice. I stopped going to the bar which is a good thing. That means I see Coleen less and less. I've decided I need to do that. I still feel like I want to make something happen but as long I continued to maintain the same relationship it wasn't going to happen. So I did see her last Sunday and we spent the day together but then she called me at home one night during the week I needed all my strength to resist making a plan with her. To make sure I asked Janet to dinner for Friday night.

Seeing Janet was good. She might be the most perfect girl I've ever met. There just isn't a hint of romance with her. I can look in her eyes and see nothing there that says she is looking at me as anything more than an old friend. Still we enjoyed dinner Friday so much we decided to have dinner again on Saturday. She cooked and then played Rock Band with her kids. It was fun if not a little surreal.

So now it's Sunday and I've had about as good a weekend as I should expect. But still I wish I could have heard from Coleen. I know it's bad to have these kind of obsessive feelings and I need to make an effort to not have them. I'll need to wait and see.


Krissy said...

It's hard to let go of something you want so bad. Knowing you can't have something you want also makes it worse. I told you to go ahead and talk to that old girlfriend you found then I went and did the same thing lol It didn't turn out how I wanted it to. I was not going at him as if I wanted him or missed him. I was just wanting to see how he was doing. So I sent him a message and his girlfriend got back at me lol Wrong timing I guess.. Oh well... when I feel like doing something I just do it most of the time. I just can't believe he has kids!

hope your doing good! :)

Krissy said...

I'm visting everyones blog on my follow list to get their email address. I am setting my blog so that only certain viewers can see it. I can't figure out another way to do this so please send me your email so i can send you an invite to view my blog.

I think I already have your email but just letting ya know lol thanks