Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Daily news

Spent my Presidents Day mostly at home. I want to redo my living room so I went to Ikea for some ideas. I started by getting a new shelf that I will use to create a new entertainment unit. I estimate that will run about $400 I think.

I didn't really talk to anyone all day. My only contact with the outside world came when Lisa sent me an IM when she got home from work. She is back and forth with her boyfriend Carmine. I made the mistake and asked her how her Valentines was. She seems unhappy and is looking for reasons to not be there even though they just signed a lease on a rented apartment. Part of me sees this as the inevitable outcome but I try to get her to work harder at staying together. I still have this deep down feeling that we will end up together. I want to not feel this way.

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