Friday, March 27, 2009


I have had a long lonely week. I am not enjoying this sitting at home so much even though I've spent a fortune getting it looking better. I really wanted company this week but not really sure how to make that happen just yet. It's still too cold for outside. And it seems like no one really wants to come to see me if it's inside. I'd really like it if I could host something for a change since I've always been the guest. Most of my friends think I live too far away even though it's just a little more than 5 miles. It's just an excuse I think.

This is my new shelving that I put together. The TV is flanked by my CD collection. I also purchased new lamps and side tables. New slipcovers for the couches. So far the cat has not shown the urge to scratch any of it. I've also been using blankets on the arms which had always been his favorite place to scratch.

So I was sitting back last night looking around at the room and I really like what I've done. I wish I had painted though. But that's just too much to do for now. Maybe next year I'll tackle that.

So who could I invite for one of my home cooked dinners? I'd really like it to be Coleen but I keep hear this little voice in my head saying I need to put her behind me. Lisa wants to have dinner but since she has a boyfriend she is always got plans. We talk every day, but we never do anything together anymore. I would love to get Janet and Roberta to join me either together or separately. But they are the ones that refuse to leave their own neighborhood.

At least I get to enjoy my new house. I'll probably be home by myself so I'll make the best of it. Just not very exciting compared to last year.

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Anonymous said...

I like how the book shelf and the tv and everything came together. You did good. And the coutch looks good to. I been in the city off and on for a few weeks now. I guess I needed to get out anyway. I stayed in the house for months at a time. Just been hanging out with my aunt holly and my cousin... Time to g back home tho lol Fun is over. heh