Sunday, January 25, 2009

My weekend

Sorry, but no pictures. I had my camera with me all weekend but failed to remember to take a single picture. I did go meet my friends from the scuba dive club and enjoyed a nice dinner. It is such a different dynamic from my other friends. Very little tension and only talk f good times. I don't know how the future with them will be since I've long ago retired from diving and I am not sure if I want to get back into it.

On Saturday I went to visit Lisa at new new apartment. I was beginning to thing I'd never get invited so when she told me to come I hopped in the car and headed right over. It was nice to spend an afternoon just sitting and relaxing while we talked about what was new. After a while we went to the local mall to try and find pillows for her couch. It gave us something to do. After that we hung out at a Ruby Tuesday. It was there where I confessed to her that I don't know what direction my life was going. She has always known how I feel about Coleen but I have been thinking my place in her life needs to be reduced. it was an interesting discussion although I don't think there was anything that will lead to any changes.

So what happened on Sunday? Not a whole lot. I did get a phone call from Coleen. It was a brief conversation and there were no plans made. There was a promise of a call back later but it never happened. And I'm okay with that. I want to make plans but if she won't be open to it I need to make myself be less available. Let her do what she wants to do and leave me be.

So there is my weekend. Not a whole lot of interaction but it's winter so that can be blamed. I am trying to learn to find contentment in my isolation but my only real consolation is I've stayed well within my budget for the weekend.

To Krissy, thanks for your comments to my last entry. Stay well.


Cindy said...

Winter is a tough time to get out and do things, it's been so cold here in NH. My daughter moved to Chicago and she says it's even colder there...bbrrr. Staying within budget is def a good thing and will probably put you in a better financial place come spring. well, not lots to say, just wanted to say hello, glad you are well and I still say you're bound to meet the right person when you aren't even looking. Take Care,

Krissy said...

It snowed here today. I'm not to sure how much we got but they were calling for ice on the raods and all th at. So that sucks :) To dark to look out the window and see what we got... prolly nothing... I duno