Friday, January 23, 2009


It's the end of another wasted week. Good ... winter is long this year and it's not even the end of January yet. I am totally in full hibernation mode. Not anxious to go out at all. I do get a a week reprieve soon. I go to Florida the first week of February. I need to make sure my cat gets taken care of while I'm away. My landlord's kids will feed him but I'm worried about him being alone for so long. As he gets older he seems to like more attention. It could be also that I have been spending so much more time at home that I just think he needs me. I've asked Lisa to look in on him which I'm sure she will do. I pray that's enough.

So with Janet and Roberta away I rarely get any7 emails anymore. Tonight I have dinner plans with some friends I haven't seen in a while. It's a reunion of sorts. These are the friends who all scuba dive and since I don't dive much anymore I rarely see them. They all plan vacations together so I'm sure there will be talk of that and I will feel somewhat left out. I hope maybe in a year or so I'll be in a better financial situation and make a trip. But I think I would need to look at my gear and replace much of it. I don't want to get into debt again so I'll need to access that later.

I also miss going skiing. Geez, it seems like I used to be so much more active and now I don't do much of anything. I had a conversation with my brother Barry and we talked of taking a day off and going to a mountain for a day on the slopes. Maybe in late February or March.

I've been talking to Coleen less and less. We did go for a quick bite to eat last Sunday afternoon. We had spoken about trying a new place so it seemed like a good idea to go and try the buffet. She picked me up at my house and she was a little under the weather. She has been in the process of quitting cigarettes and she was struggling with that. So after we finished lunch she just decided she just needed to go home. So it was only a short 2 hour get together. Since then we've only had one phone conversation so I feel things between us have become much less dramatic. I've kind of taken myself out of the bar so my chances to see he are less likely. Part of me wants her to call me desperately needing to see me. But I know that's just a pipe dream. I've decided in my head that I want to plan things and since she won't do that I need to stop trying to just show up when she wants me.

I plan on taking my camera with me tonight so maybe I can post some pictures for a change. We will see but if I do I'll sign in and add a new entry tomorrow.

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Krissy said...

speaking of skiing I got the youngest boy some ski's and I don't think he will even have a chance to use them. We are not the type of family that takes vacations together are go skiing... but I was hoping for some snow for him to play in with them... lol As for the cat I think she will be ok. She might get a little lonley but she will be ok aslong as someone is coming over of and on and feeding her. I have my 5 ferrets and it's sooo hard to find someone to take care of them when I am gone. So I can't go out much ya know. I thought I could trust my mom with them but last time she threw all their blankets and toys away :( because she would not clean the poop up outa the cage so it got really bad... plus they went without food and water for a good long time and didn't get out much... It takes alot to take care of these things lol Going to florida sounds like fun. I was born in orlando and I can't wait to go back sometime. I'm trying to get Martin to move there so we can start over again if not I might just do it myself lol hope u have a safe trip!