Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rocking this past Tuesday

It's been 10 days since my last post. I've been unable to get to where I need to be to put anything here. The Anon who comments about flushing all the ladies isn't something I don't consider each and every day. With that in mind I went out on Tuesday night to see some music. I knew some older friends that I knew since grade school would be there.
This is Bob. Or Mr. K. He was there with Karen, but I think they are friends. Both were married but no to each other. Still don't know if they just hang out or if there is more. I'm just glad I got out and saw people. Again we all know each other but over the years I rarely ever see them.  This what Facebook has done for us. Now we can keep in touch with old friends and see them some times.
It was a little awkward but for the most part I enjoyed myself. Bob and I were once very close, I was in his wedding party all those years ago. But after he got married we never really had time for each other so I went my own way.
Karen on the other hand is not someone I knew well at all. But she did give me a nice hello and I felt like I was welcome. There was also Leslie Ryan who I wasn't introduced to but she took a picture and posted it in FB. I may try to get it into this but thus far haven't.
So I'm still out plugging away. It's be tough to see summer end. It always goes by so quickly.
The reason I have been so slow to post on here is due to recent bouts of insomnia. Yes. I can't sleep. or at least for the last 5 days or say. But last night I slept really well. I feel like I need to start exercising again. I typically pick that up again after Labor Day. Which is just 3 weeks away.

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