Thursday, October 6, 2011

Older but no wiser

I took Carolyn out to dinner last night. It was a good meal. And that is all it was. My mind is just not right for more that that. I wanted to ask her something about if there can be more for us but I just left it unsaid.
Prior to dinner I went to get my haircut and got some advice from Loni. She seems to think I need to step up and demand to have sex. She makes is so simple and uncomplicated. Then I sit and listen to Carolyn and my ability to make it happen just shuts off.
After dinner we said good night and I sensed a strange moment where Carolyn held me tight but I move in for the kiss and get nothing. To be honest I was tired and just was ready for home. When did a good night's sleep become more important than sex? Is that bad? Am I just accepting what I get? The older I get the less I know.


Josie said...

you can't go from zero to 100 and just demand sex. baby steps, but you need to take the steps!

Instead of asking her if there can be more, how about TELLING her some things.

"Carolyn you look so good it's hard to focus on my dinner."

"Carolyn you look beautiful tonight".

"Carlolyn you should know that I'm very attracted to you. Not just as a friend. I really want more."

Any of those lines will get you laid sir. Well not right away, remember baby steps!

You should get a hot kiss though, on you instigate. you'll be able to tell if she's into it and you'll have a final answer to the carolyn question.

Try it. To the brave go the rewards.

Cindy said...

Well I might have said it differently, but I agree with Josie, 100%. You've got to stop sitting back and jump in the game!

Josie said...

Cindy agrees! Mike, women know what works on women Trust me.