Thursday, October 13, 2011

I need a compass

Another week has gone by and it's all drama and as always not in a good way. I've been in Florida at my mom's house since last Saturday. My mom left to visit some of her friends up north and I am here alone taking care of her dogs. While I love the dogs there isn't much here to do. I feel very inti-social but it's also pretty unexciting. Meanwhile I get all these bitch calls from people. Lisa wants my sister to look in on Tigger so she is only going there when I tell her no one else will go. And my sister is bitching about how I am never there unless I need something. And what's worse is they are right as I have not been doing much visiting lately.
Then there is Carolyn. She has been in court this week still fighting over the scraps of her marriage. This is the longest divorce in history. We talk and she gives me bits and pieces of what is going on. She doesn't really want to tell me much. I'm sure there are many things she does not tell me. I expect that. I just get a sense she will never ever let go of how she feels persecuted. I'm sure there is a lot of that but at some point you need to find a compromise and begin the process of moving on.
This is why I am staying in a holding pattern. Honestly I have considered if this is going anywhere. Sometimes it feels like she is ready then other times it feels like she is never getting off the pot. She might be broke and looking for a new place to live with her son, daughter, 4 cats and an assortment of other pets ... turtle, bird and some fish. I'm sure she would love someone to swoop in and save her from this mess but I don't see it being me. It would be a mistake.
So I am sitting alone in Florida wondering what my next direction will be,

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