Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sync problems

I've been trying to write a new post most of the day. I want to add a picture or two but it keeps causing my internet to slow to a crawl. Probably time to upgrade the pc but that won't happen for a while.

I have been feeling very odd and out of sync lately. I decided I'm done playing Coleen's game and trying to just get her out of my thoughts. I doubt she even notices since she isn't interested in me anyway. I've tried this before and I got sucked back in so I will probably be singing a different tune next week but for now I want to focus on things that work and not things that will never happen.

Brings me to Janet. She is the most attractive girl I've ever gotten close to but she has never looked like a romantic option ever. And yet she got miffed at me when I spent time with Coleen and not her. So i decided to spend more time with her. We actually spent a lot of time together this past weekend and she even joined me for a day out on the water. We also had her daughter's dog, Brody. It was the most ideal day I've had in so long I can't remember. I called it my most perfect day. But in the end I went my way and she went hers.

So earlier this week I got tickets to see a concert and the first person I wanted to go was Janet... but her response is that she really doesn't want to go. This is what keeps happening ... and why I don't have any strong attachments to Janet. She is there one day and not there the next.

So I am dealing with a little loneliness. I have plenty of friends but not that special significant other. I still have my cat Tigger to always keep me company. For now that will have to be enough.

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