Monday, July 12, 2010

Another summer weekend goes by

It's Monday again. Still alcohol free. Not even sure anymore how long. I had some temptations this weekend but I got through it fine.

Friday night I was out in the village square where there is live music and that brought out a lot of people who I haven't seen. Ran into Donna who some 20+ years back worked with me at the grocery store. I also saw Abby who also worked there. We are all so much older now. They haven't changed much. Donna is married with 3 kids and Abby is divorced with at least 2. one of the things about moving close to where you grew up is you can expect to run into old friends.

I dropped my Debit card in the parking lot and had no idea until I heard from Jeff that he had found it. That would never had happened where I used to live.

Saturday I just bummed around the house. I finally got my pictures hung on the walls. Lisa came by and helped me with that. I wish she could have stayed longer but she was gone after about 2 hours. I went over to see my sister at around 5 and learned she was having a girls night out and I asked Kenny if he wanted to go for BBQ dinner out. We ate and went down to the water as the sun went down. It was peaceful ... not stress. While we were chatting I get a text message from Coleen. I wish I had ignored it but I sent back a couple of responses. I made the mistake of saying I would call in the morning.

So Sunday I found out Coleen would be at the beach and so would Janet and Roberta and the rest of the catty woman. I saw Janet early who was going to do stuff before going to the beach. When I got to the beach I found Coleen who was sitting apart from everyone except Jimmy. I stayed there and while there all of Coleen's "boys" showed up. I should have never stayed but I did. Won't be making that mistake again. I did go over and see Janet and Roberta and the others. Got a very cold response from the girls. Maybe I won't be going to the beach any more. I'll just go out on the boat.

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Cindy said...

sounds like an ok day, but your women friends sound a little....odd...moody??