Friday, June 18, 2010

Just a moment before I go

Still maintaining sobriety and after tomorrow it will be a full 28 days. Not much of an accomplishment but it is a start. My focus is to make it for 90 days. After that I'll decide if I should ever drink again or not. It is Friday and in the past that was always my favorite night to have drinks. I had been going to AA meetings on Fridays. Last week I had a wedding so I missed the meeting. It had me thinking I don't need to go. I'm afraid I may fall into the "rationalization" trap and think I'm "cured".

Meanwhile, my transition to the new place is complete. I finally slept in my new home beginning on Tuesday. It's been strange waking up somewhere different. But I really like coming home to a house that I can completely call mine. I still have many boxes to unpack and the furniture is still mostly pushed into the corner and not set up. I will make an effort to get most of it done by the end of this weekend.

It's already working out great. Last night Coleen called to invite me for dinner if I can get there in 5 minutes. I think I made it there in 3. It worked out really great since I still haven't unpacked most of my kitchen stuff. It was nice and hopefully I'll get to do more of that and maybe even have her come to my house. I couldn't stay long after we ate because there is so much to unpack.

The weekend is almost here and that has become such a different experience for me now. I will try to expand on the next week.

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