Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My ability to write has been severely hampered by life. The last month or so I haven't been turning my computer on after work very often. Sometimes I find other things to keep me busy and other times I just don't feel like it.

I am about to move in about a week. I will finally be living in a place I think I can really feel is home. I'm sure I've felt that way in most of the other places I live but my memory of that is dim.

My exercise program has been more difficult. I still run but my hip is giving me chronic pain so I've needed to slow down a lot. I can't be sure how to change that.

I had my boat put into the water today. I made it into the marina without any problems until I was tying up and noticed the bilge pump pushing water out the back. I looked down below and sure enough there was a lot of water in the bilge. I closed all the thru-hull openings and set about searching for the leak. I found it about 3 hours later. More stress.

I've managed to get close to Coleen again. Not going any where though. I look at her now as someone I'll never get. She has other ideas. I think I'm better off. She has so many problems I can't see her ever being satisfied unless someone just takes care of her. That could never be me.

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