Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Strange Days

Last Monday I received an email from Win. I knew her from back in the 6th grade. She was my classmate and girl next door. She was also my first love although we were never romantic. I was just never able to be more than friends. She had married and moved away when I was 25. While we don't have regular conversations we have exchanged emails now and then, but rarely. We had lost contact several times where years went by without a letter or phone call. But I did see her and her family at a memorial event for her dad that was local. While I thought it would be a fun reunion, instead I felt a little like I had imposed and after that I figured I wouldn't really want to exchange anymore. So imagine my shock to get an email from her. We ended up trading emails back and forth from dinner until I shut down my pc at 10 p.m. Even at that she sent another email that I didn't see until I got to work the next day. What had inspired her to suddenly reach out to me I'll always wonder but doubt I'll ever find out. She is happily married and lives 1200 miles away. I'll always like hearing from her but I'll need to resist the impulse to try and maintain contact.

Then today I got an email from Mariana at work... another married woman friend. She is probably my oldest friend at work. Someone who I only ever talk to on rare occasions. She just wanted to see how i was. Suddenly everyone wants to know how I am. It's strange but it's not coming from the right people. Still it is validating. Mariana is about to turn 40 next week so I'll take her for a drink next week. She remembered my birthday last summer and even got me something at Christmas so I want to find her something before then. It'll be hard because I only know her through work and I don't know what she might like.
I also heard from Lisa today but then I hear from her most every day. Today however we made plans for dinner tomorrow. I'm cooking. So I have that to look forward to.
I haven't heard much from anyone in Glen Cove and nothing from Coleen since Saturday. I've been resisting the urge to call her. I will probably go to the bar on Friday. She will be there and after that I make no promises.


Cindy said...

Well I think it all sounds nice and just goes to show you you're thought of even if you sometimes feel that you aren't. Just think, summer is on the way and you'll probably be getting the boat out soon and who knows what new things are in store for you. I think things will be looking up for you soon.
Take care

Krissy said...

I agree with Cindy :)