Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lacking inspiration

I've been having a bit of a problem health wise. Nothing serious. Just dealing with allergies and a bad wisdom tooth. I keep messing up with Carolyn although I think it's more her fault than mine. Since there seems to be nothing going to happen between us I decided to take my neighbor Esther out to dinner on Saturday. I feel there is an attraction there but I must resist it because the last thing I need to have is a girlfriend who lives right next door. You might think that given my desperation I should not be so picky. I am wondering about that too but so far my I am using my best judgment. That and the opportunity hasn't really presented itself.
I've been taking some time off away from my blog entries. I don't know if that will change but for now I am uninspired. That may change but for now that's about it.

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